With Gratitude...


4 North Long Beach Boulevard Surf City NJ 08008

Over 740 customers have already evaluated our reputation and selected us to build their home.  We have a strong repeat client base, with many having built multiple homes with us and others building from as far away as California, Colorado, Florida,Texas and Dubai - with ease and peace of mind.

We'd be happy to provide you with references of our recently completed work, work in progress or our many homes from years' past.  We've compiled a few comments of those who wanted to share their satisfaction as this is the greatest measure of our success.


4 N. Long Beach Blvd.  Surf City, NJ 08008  P: 609.494.2215

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We love our home!

To All -

Just letting you know that we think of you often when we are at "Touch of Grey" and how much we love our home!  Cheers for a happy & healthy 2019!

All the best,

Lette & Allen

Ship Bottom, NJ

Like a Broadway Show...

It all started with a dream, with an image of the house we wanted to build, but with no idea of how to get there.  Who would make sure we would get a great house that works, and also be the house we dreamed of?

The first time we met Tom, we immediately knew he was going to be the ONE who would build and direct our dream project.  Tom Keller (and his entire crew) demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, seriousness and craftsmanship throughout the entire process. (And yes, a sense of humor as well!)

Watching this new house being built, turned out to be our own amazing Broadway show: where an empty lot once stood, there is now a beautiful and well built stage, a family story, an entire production with marvelous performances by many, many people.  There is skill, beauty and craftsmanship as well.  To make it all happen, and always behind the scenes, there was a Director and an amazingly professional, competent and well coordinated group of individuals.

Tom, Colette, Vanessa, Dawn, Donna, Rob and Rob, Dan, Alan, Connor, Dave and the rest of the team, produced, directed and choreographed our new house into existence.


Muchas gracias to each and every one of you!

The Alerhands

Harvey Cedars, NJ

We truly had the 'Dream Team' working on the house, didn't we?

Jane Masri

Harvey Cedars, NJ

Your company's ethics are beyond reproach.

"You have a great reputation and I will always recommend Tom Keller to anyone that comes within my path.  Your company's ethics are beyond reproach."

Bobbie Grissoni

North Beach, NJ

The whole team at Keller Construction was above any great expectation we had.

"We want to thank each and every one who was a part of building our beautiful home.  The whole team at Keller Construction was above any great

expectation we had.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail in our home shows how much care you put in to building our dream home on the beach.  

If you ever need an A+ reference, please do not hesitate to send prospect clients our way.  Again, we thank you for all your dedicated work. (and for putting

up with Bob!)


The Garretts

Brant Beach, NJ

Your responsiveness is clearly one of the reasons why Keller continues to have a great reputation on the island.

Barry & Lauren Krouk

Beach Haven Park, NJ

​​Extremely customer focused and always responsive to our needs and inquiries.

"Dear Tom,

We have been extraordinarily pleased working with your organization.  You have a fine group of professionals and subcontractors.  They were extremely customer focused and always responsive to our needs and inquiries.

This was our first major home construction project and approached it with certain trepidation.  Your group allayed our fears during our first session.  The Keller organization is well organized, detail oriented, responsive, creative and highly ethical.

I would highly recommend your organization to anyone looking to build on LBI.  Thanks for helping us realize the beach house of our dreams.  You should be very

proud of your Team!!!"

Best Regards,

Frank and Joanne Vitrano

Loveladies, NJ

It far exceeded our expectations.

We just wanted to thank you for everything during the whole process of building our house.  We are just thrillled with it and we are thoroughly enjoying the new house.

It far exceeded our expectations. Thanks again.

Steve Fox

Harvey Cedars, NJ

Congrats to you and your team for building a strong, positive reputation of master home building on LBI.

Joseph and Gail Smith

Brant Beach, NJ

The respect you have for each other, as well as your clients, translated into an almost seamless construction process.

"Dear Friends,

As we sit here enjoying our beautiful beach home, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for doing such a superb job.  Your attention to detail is beyond compare!  Not one question went unanswered...and as we said, you were always "first responders."  Our every wish has been granted.

The subcontractors' expertise never ceased to amaze us; and as for the Keller employees, we cannot say enough.  You are an extremely well-oiled machine, and the respect you have for each other, as well as your clients, translated into an almost seamless construction process."

With Much Admiration,

Nancy and Jim Baxter

North Beach, NJ

The best decision we made was entrusting all of you with our new home.

"We wanted to send you a note to thank you for the job you did on our beautiful new home.  From the first call, we were confident that your company was by far the best construction company for the job.  Undertaking  new home construction can be daunting, but Daphne's level of service during the first call demonstrated how much you valued your customers.

Throughout the entire process, our confidence in your customer service, level of work and your business decisions never waivered.  If we had a question or concern, we received a response within 24 hours.  In addition to that, the subcontractors you employed did beautiful work.  You even managed to complete the job a few weeks ahead of schedule.  These are just a few examples of why working with you was such a pleasure.

New home construction includes many difficult decisions, but the best decision we made was entrusting all of you with our new home."

Jon & Sue Ginter

Peahala Park, NJ

Wow, wow and wow!!!  I think it has been 8 years since you built this home for us...and are still helping us today.


Can you please thank Tom and Dan.  What outstanding customer service they provided us by not only coming to our house to discuss the issues we had with

the house but then having Dan and Rob follow up with some repairs before our renters arrived on Friday.  Wow, wow and wow!!!  I think it has been 8 years since

you built this home for us.  You helped us during Hurricane Sandy and are still helping us today.  I can't begin to express our gratitude. Thanks!

Josanne Pearsall

Holgate, NJ

You have treated us more like friends and better than family.

"To The Dearest People on the Planet:

We are so grateful to Tom, Daphne, Dan and the entire Keller team for putting their customers first, as usual.  Honestly, you have treated us more like friends and better than family.

Our gorgeous Keller home has survived the earthquake of 2011 and Sandy 2012 - in other words, a major event for every year we've had it.  I know you probably don't need advertising, but if you do, I'm your poster girl!  A Keller home is built to last!"

With thanks and lots of love,

Patti & Dan the Husband

High Bar Harbor, NJ

We loved the final product both times we built homes with Tom & his staff.

"Thomas J. Keller built our shore house 18 years ago.  We were so satisfied that when we decided to build an oceanfront home 2 years ago, we again went to Keller.  We were pleased to see that Tom still employed the same foreman that we had worked with 18 years earlier.  That is a testament to the kind of people you work with when you deal with Thomas J. Keller Builders...loyal, knowledgeable and experienced.  Keller's office makes building a home an organized and enjoyable experience.  We loved the final product both times we built homes with Tom & his staff.  The latest house was an enormous project and Keller's staff was attentive down to the smallest detail.  We are thrilled with our incredible new home!"

Joan & Tim Fitzpatrick

North Beach, NJ

Your entire organization, from top down, was nothing less than professional and responsive.

"We are very excited to receive the CO for our new home!  From our very first meeting, we've appreciated your integrity and honest approach.  You worked seamlessly with our architect and although building a custom home for 3 families could have been a challenge, your office never made it feel that way.  Your entire organization, from top down, was nothing less than professional and responsive.  I fully understand why you and your company have earned and maintained such an excellent reputation on Long Beach Island for so many years."

Attila T. Toth

Harvey Cedars, NJ

We hope to share many memories with our families.

"Mark and I wish to thank you so much for building us such a beautiful home! We will enjoy it for the rest of our lives and hope to share many memories

with our families."


Pam Adler

Brant Beach, NJ

We now know why you've been in business so long on the island and the proof is in our new home.

"Tom, your office has done such a great job along this whole process and responded to every question/need in a timely manner, including and beyond moving us in. 

I can't begin to say what that means to us!

I know we will continue in the years to come enjoying our home not just because of the history of our childhood in that location, but also because of the new home there and who built it, too!

We wish you all the best, continued success in home building and we will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of a custom builder."

Debbie Hodge & Laura (aka "Kiddo")

Brant Beach, NJ

If you're looking for a great builder on LBI that is fair & honest, look no further than Thomas J. Keller.

"We have had the great pleasure of working with Tom Keller and his employees in the building of two houses on Long Beach Island.  Both homes were started in October and Tom said he would get us in by summer and he did just that.  His experienced staff is both courteous and professional.  They answered any questions we had and returned every phone call in a timely manner.

Both houses were built with the best materials & craftsmen.  You can tell a lot about a company and a person by asking its' subcontractors who work for other builders what they think of the builder.  All of the subcontractors I talked with, loved to work with Tom Keller to the point where they would stop other jobs they had to get Tom's houses finished first!

If you're looking for a great builder on LBI that is fair and honest, look no further than Thomas J. Keller.  You won't be disappointed."

Cathy & Ed Dobres

Beach Haven Gardens, NJ

We are grateful to have selected you to build our 'Dream Home.'

"This is long overdue.  Bob and I want to tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with you.  Everyone from your organization was professional and very kind. 

We know that this is a true reflection of you.  Wishing you continued success and we are grateful to have selected you to build our "Dream Home.""


Nancy & Bob Devine

Brant Beach, NJ

We are very impressed with your company  - the staff and all the contractors are truly outstanding.

"The entire Console family wish to thank everyone who worked on our project.  Our new house is amazing, thanks to all of you!  A special thanks to Colette for all she

did for us. 

We are very impressed with your company - the staff and all the contractors are truly outstanding.  We very much appreciate everyone who worked on our new home.

Congratulations on a job very well done!"

Ellen & Ray Console

Surf City, NJ

We always felt like you were looking out for our best interests.

"Now that we have completed construction on our new shore home, we wanted to thank you and let you know how pleased we are with the outcome.  From the planning phase right through to completion, you helped to make the construction process relatively seamless.  You were very responsive and helpful whenever questions or unexpected issues arose.  Even in the face of one of LBI's worst winters, you managed to keep the project on time.  And we always felt like you were looking out for our best interests.

We are so pleased with the quality of all the contractors' work.  The right people really do make a difference and it shows.  The end result exceeds our expectations and we are truly thrilled!  You are honest, top-notch professionals and it was a true pleasure working with all of you.  You can count on us as a reference whenever you need it."

Carolanne & Joe Patetta

(Kids too!)

Surf City, NJ

Tom is truly "A Man of His Word."

"We first met Tom Keller and his team in September of 2005.  At the time, we lived in Longmont, Colorado and wanted to build our dream home 2000 miles away on LBI.  Remotely, we agreed on the delivery price and date for our home. (July 4th weekend, 2006)  The custom design, development and delivery of our home came in on-time and well within my expected budget (2% of the original estimate).  More importantly, Tom and his team far exceeded our expectations in terms of the "hand holding" required to see us through the process.

Most builders quickly move on after delivery and move-in day, making the completion of the 'punchlist' an act of artful and unnecessary stress for an owner.  Never once was this the case with Tom & his team.  Fast forward five year later (Oct 2010).  I continue to have an ongoing relationship with Tom & his organization.  Literally, his team volunteers to help us manage and coordinate the maintenance of our home (Note: at no fee)

Integrity, accuracy, accountability and personal concern describe our initial and ongoing experience with the Keller organization.  Tom is truly "A Man of His Word" and without reservation, we fully encourage everyone interested in building the home of their dreams on Long Beach Island, NJ to only use Tom & his team."

Dave & Lisa Allman

Barnegat Light, NJ

I liked Tom's style of hands-on involvement.

"Two years ago my wife and I looked into building our new home.  We investigated the top builders on LBI before making our decision on who to choose to build our dream seashore house.  Tom Keller was one of the top builders we researched.  He came highly recommended by our neighbor.  Tom had built their home.

There were many factors that convinced us to choose Tom.  First, he was very helpful in helping us select an architect.  He pretty much knows all the architects on the island, their styles and their costs.  We had a general idea on the type of home we wanted.  Tom was familiar with the style and introduced us to the architect.  As we progressed, he also worked in concert with the architect and us to ensure we achieved and realized what we wanted in our design.  I liked Tom's style of hands-on involvement.

After architectural elements were decided, the next biggest concern was price.  Tom asked about our budget and offered us multiple financial arrangements.  We chose one that met our needs and Tom delivered our new home on time and on budget.  Now, there are many challenges that arise as one builds a new home.  And Tom's entire staff were most helpful as we addressed each and every challenge.  As we asked questions they would give us helpful answers.  If they did not know the answer, they said they would look into the questions and get back to us.  And they did.  And they got back to us when they said they would.  You could always count on their responsiveness.  They are the most professional people I have dealt with and the most responsive.

Tom and his people built us a quality home.  I highly recommend them."

Joe Penarczyk

Harvey Cedars, NJ

I will wear a Keller Sandwich Board and stand on the boulevard for you guys.


Thanks so much.  You, Colette, Dan, Daphne and Tom have been a pleasure to work with.  I will wear a Keller sandwich board and stand on the boulevard

for you guys."

Alan Burton

North Beach, NJ

You certainly live up to a good name and reputation.

"Frank and I want to especially thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent us.  We had a lot of company and they graced our home for many days.  It was very

thoughtful and unexpected.

While I'm at it, we want you to know that the attention to our flooding problem was so appreciated.  Help came right at our lowest point.  It felt like the calvary had arrived.  That kind of service is not easily found these days.  The Bible says, "A good name is to be chosen above riches."  You certainly live up to a good name and reputation.  You're the best!" 

Linda & Frank Petronzio

Barnegat Light, NJ

The place to go for quality construction and professional work.

"Now that we have had a full season in our new home, I want to thank each of you and the others on staff for the great job you did in constructing our home.  We could not be happier and have recommended you to all of our friends in the area as the place to go for quality construction and professional work.  I miss communicating with you on a more frequent basis, but think of you often and thank you for all you did with our home.

Bill Murphy

Barnegat Light, NJ

Guidance and expertise helped us through the entire building process with very little stress.

"Enclosed is the final payment for our new home on LBI.  We love the house and enjoyed working with you and your staff.  Colette, Dawn, Jenna and Dan were always very helpful and responsive to our numerous emails and phone calls.  Their guidance and expertise helped us through the entire building process with very little stress, which we appreciate.  Thanks very much for a job well done.

Ted & Valerie Grugan

Peahala Park, NJ

You lent a tremendous amount of valuable and creative "extra thoughts" to the architectural plans.

"Your website looks great!  But I also wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the exterior renovation that you did to our home in North Beach a year or so ago.  The house looks just like I had hoped we could get it to look like...which was quite a transformation.  You folks were extremely helpful/professional and lent a tremendous amount of valuable and creative "extra thoughts" to the architectural plans that I brought to you.  I have a long-time friend who just bought a house in North Beach and have already given him your name.

Thanks for being the pro's that you are."

Kevin Gray

North Beach, NJ

The craftsmanship and service by your company were outstanding.

"Jane and I wanted to thank you for the magnificent job you did building our oceanfront home.  We couldn't be more pleased.  We love everything about the house and have enjoyed two summers in it already.  The craftsmanship and service by your company were outstanding and I would recommend Keller Builders to anyone.

I had wanted to write you sooner to thank you but Hurricane Sandy hit and during the last year I spent a lot of time rebuilding the grounds and dune around the house.  Since we sit directly on the ocean we were amazed we did not have a drop of water inside the house.  After the storm, the only thing that occurred, as you know, was a smashed outdoor shower, which faces the ocean - and completely devastated grounds around the house.  It looked like the ocean hit the house and went around it.  The town just finished rebuilding the dune for us, thanks to the Mayor and all the damaged landscaping, lighting, fences, etc. have been fixed.  We feel blessed our home suffered so little damage and wanted to thank you for such a good construction job.

After the storm I appreciated you checking on our home and for providing whatever service we needed to get things back in order.  If you ever need a recommendation or would like to show our home to a potential client, you are more than welcome to do so."

Thanks again,

Phil Corwin

North Beach, NJ

Keller homes are standing strong.

(after Superstorm Sandy)

"So glad you're all ok and thanks so much for checking on the house with limited time.  I love hearing that the Keller homes are standing strong - not surprised at all...but happy to hear!

Thanks again for all you do for us and we appreciate everything."

Amanda & Bryan Magliaro

North Beach, NJ

Exceptional experience...readily available to address & solve any unexpected issue before, during & after construction.

"This letter is in appreciation for the home you built for us in 2012 and for the exceptional experience you and your team provided to us in the process.

Your team held the highest respect for our budget, likes, dislikes and yet...they knew how to guide us when we had doubts or when there was a better choice available to us.  Your office kept us informed during the process and always looked out for our best interest.  They remained readily available to address and solve any unexpected issue, before, during and after construction.

We thank you and praise the people that make up your organization for their industry knowledge, integrity and for the manner in which they handle customer care."

Dear reader:

You should know that not a single piece of siding, molding or roof shingle was damaged by Superstorm Sandy.  But what we found even more remarkable was an unsolicited phone call we received from Tom's office giving us an update on our home and days later, pictures of our home were sent to us via email.  Tom and his team sincerely care about what they do!

HAP & Barbara Patorniti

Surf City, NJ

The entire Keller team has been a joy to know and work with.

"It isn't enough that you built us our dream home - you had to be so wonderful...

The entire Keller team has been a joy to know and work with.

Thank you for everything, and we'll be calling you soon to pop down for a lemonade by the pool".

Patti & Dan

High Bar Harbor, NJ

Despite 4 winter storms, the house was completed on schedule.

"If you are reading this, you are probably planning to build a new home on LBI and are considering Tom Keller as your builder.  After interviewing a dozen building contractors and inviting four to provide proposals, we selected Tom in the fall of 2009 to build our home.  His proposal was complete and competitive.

He has a well deserved reputation for integrity and quality workmanship and we were not disappointed.  Once the work was underway, Tom was very fair on change orders.

Despite 4 winter storms, the house was completed on schedule.  Tom has an excellent experienced staff who were wonderful to work with.  Communication was timely and any issues were promptly addressed.  Tom uses subcontractors who he has worked with for many years and therefore can count on them to meet their schedule dates and provide quality workmanship.  We were able to contact and meet directly with the subcontractors to communicate our requirements.

We would not hesitate in recommending Tom to anyone considering building a new home."

Mark & Pat Avakian

Harvey Cedars, NJ

Thank you.

"Thank you for building us a beautiful house.  We look forward to many summers of enjoyment with our family."

Edie Brower

Barnegat Light, NJ

It was nothing short of extraordinary, and we will be forever grateful.

"As we approach the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, I am reflecting on how fortunate we are to have you as our contractor.  We began working with your company eight years ago, and since then, you and your team have provided timely, quality work at a fair price and we have relied on your company to renovate and repair three homes in Harvey Cedars.  We have always been pleased with the work you do and the manner in which you do it.  But even after almost a decade of experiencing your quality workmanship and excellent service, we could not have anticipated the tremendous service you and your team provided in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 

It was nothing short of extraordinary, and we will be forever grateful.

From the call we received from Dan in your office the first day people were allowed back on the island, informing us our homes were damaged but still standing, through the consistent monitoring of the job's progress by Dawn and Colette, and throughout the process of repairs, we always had your attention and could always count on the timely completion of our job.  When you told me you would have us  back in our properties before Memorial Day, I never doubted you, although it appeared you had a Herculean task ahead of you.  As it turned out, you did all you promised and more, always on time, and always on budget.

We are thankful for many things and many people on Long Beach Island, but at the top of the list is Thomas J. Keller Construction and all your fine employees and subcontractors.  We could not recommend you more highly to others."

David J. McLean

Harvey Cedars, NJ

"The triangular relationship between architect, builder and owners couldn't have been better."

Denise & Dennis Avagliano

Loveladies, NJ

From start to finish in the construction process, my mother and I had so much fun - thanks to you.

"I thought it was appropriate to use this stationary to thank you for the contribution in memory of my mother.  You were responsible for building this house and helping us to maintain it these last 7 years.  From start to finish in the construction process, my mother and I had so much fun, thanks to you.  Living in the house every summer with all of us brought her more joy than you could ever imagine.  She couldn't wait to get to the shore every summer to begin the season again.  You made it easy for her, whenever there was a problem, by having someone there right away.

She was a great lady, loved by so many.  We will all miss her, especially the first summer without her ever-present smile and good nature.

Look forward to seeing you soon and maintaining the great relationship we have with you and your staff."

Patty Hawk

North Beach, NJ

Many thanks.

"Many thanks to you and your staff for providing such a wonderful service and building us a fabulous new beach house!  We cannot wait to truly enjoy

it this summer!"

Patty & Don DeGraff

N. Beach Haven, NJ

Proud to be owners of a Thomas J. Keller property.

"My husband and I are very excited about our new home and proud to be owners of a Thomas J. Keller property.  We look forward to many happy times on

Long Beach Island."

Susan Andrews

North Beach, NJ

Provided support & guidance with the same passion as if it was their very own home.

"When we decided to build our new home on LBI, we researched the top builders and consistently heard the name 'Thomas J. Keller' as being the best quality and most seasoned contractor on the island.  What was most impressive to us, was from our very first meeting with Tom and throughout the entire building process, he and his entire staff embraced our vision and our budget.  And when we ventured into the unknown, they all provided support and guidance with the same passion as if it was their very own home.

Many of the neighbors, friends and family who have visited our home have positively commented on the many quality features that were included in our custom build.  Many of them had experiences where they were charged unnecessary and increased costs for so-called 'upgrades'; nor were their homes completed on time.

We love to share the wonderful experience that we encountered with Tom Keller, from the inception of our dream, to the transfer of the house keys and now three years post build.  We are truly grateful for our beautiful home and we are using every square inch of it!"

Patti & Walt Ott

Beach Haven Park, NJ

A pleasure working with all of you.

"Our house is just amazing!  It makes our time at the shore so much more comfortable and very different from before.  It was a pleasure working with all of you.

Without each of you we know this would not be a reality.  Our whole family thanks you!"

Pat & Bob Thelander

Haven Beach, NJ

Every member of your team was awesome to deal with and made the process move along smoothly.

"We want to thank you for making our dream beach house a reality.  We are thoroughly enjoying our summer in it and are very excited that our children will be

able to grow up in such a lovely home.  Every member of your team was awesome to deal with and made the whole process move along smoothly.  Thanks again!

Darrin & Janice Sokol

Harvey Cedars, NJ

Thank you for making our vision the reality we now enjoy.

"We are very happy with the finished product and would certainly recommend you as a very honest and competent builder.  The immediate staff that we worked with should be complimented for their professionalism and ability to deal with our many concerns.  Overall, it was a very interesting and educational experience that culminated in a home that we hope to enjoy for many years to come.

We sincerely thank you for making our vision the reality we now enjoy."

Robert & Stephanie Gardner

John & Gail Niclaus

N. Beach Haven, NJ

You guided us through many things in which we were not knowledgeable.

"Shirley and I have been thinking of writing this letter to you for so long.  We want you to know how much we enjoy the beautiful home that you built for us in 1999.  It has withstood this past 9 years with no major problems.  And the ones we have had, you have promptly and pleasantly corrected.

You influenced our decision not to carpet the kitchen/dining area, which was very wise.  You guided us through many things in which we were not knowledgeable.

Your staff - Dan, Dawn & Rob have made it pleasurable.  Everyone is very attentive and respectful of our requests.

You sorted out some other major problems and it was to our benefit that you have the relationships that you do and work so well with others.

So...we just wanted to say "thank you" and it has been a definite pleasure."

Arthur & Shirley Martin

Surf City, NJ

Tom had created a complete trust with us with his integrity, judgement and professionalism.

"We've all heard about the "home builder horror stories" and the pain that many people experience when building, especially a custom home.  And usually, the more complex the home, the greater the pain.

Our experience, however, with Tom Keller was quite the opposite - it was total joy from Tom's initial bid to our certificate of occupancy.

Our particular home was a real challenge to build - there are only two right angles in the entire house - but Tom,  his team and his more than excellent subcontractors were more than up to the task.  Workers showed up on schedule and fully briefed as to what needed to be done.  Tom or Dan, his long-time foreman, made daily checks to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

Because of the complexity of the project and the many changes, in the middle of the job, we switched to working on a "Time & Material" basis - billing which requires total trust between client and builder - and Tom had created a complete trust with us with his integrity, judgement and professionalism.

The entire process went smoothly and without a hitch - and in the end, we got all we paid for - and more!

When we hear horror stories, we can't wait to bring up Tom Keller and the wonderful experience we had every step of the way.  He was recommended by a friend and we have recommended Tom to many of our friends as well.  Tom Keller made our dream home a reality - and the process was so wonderful we wish we could do it all over again - with Tom Keller, of course!"

Vic & Jean Cavallaro

Harvey Cedars, NJ

It's our dream house!

Thank you so much!  We absolutely love it!  It's our dream house!

The Cimerola Family

Barnegat Light, NJ

A great experience!

Thanks for making this such a great experience!

Marty & Kathy Christian

Surf City, NJ

MaryAnne & I did only one thing right.

We selected Thomas J. Keller from day one without ever getting a second bid.

Now that our great new home in Harvey Cedars is complete, and we are all moved in and settled, MaryAnne and I wanted to tell you once again how thrilled we are at how the whole project progressed and, of course, with the finished product.  It is wonderful!

Everyone connected with building our home did an absolutely marvelous job and were great to deal with too.  We were impressed with everyone with whom we came into contact whether it was the framer, the plumber, the carpenter, the dry wall crew, the heating/cooling crew, the roofer, the trimmer, the hardwood floor crew, the painters, the electricians, the cabinet maker, etc.  Each and every one seemed to take a sincere interest in doing a quality job and getting it like we wanted it.  This is really remarkable.  It is only when one considers this high level of dedication that the fact the house was completed in just 5 months is no surprise.

The Keller crew was great.  Magnificent is a better word to use.  The fact that not much went wrong, and if it did, solutions were fast and effective is a tribute to the experience and professionalism of your entire team.

So, you all did everything well.  You did everything right.  You did everything on time or ahead of schedule.  MaryAnne and I did only one thing right.  We selected Thomas J. Keller Building Contractor from day one without ever getting a second bid!!  And, of course, the partnership worked.  Well done and thanks to you all."

Tom & MaryAnne Berry

Harvey Cedars, NJ

We feel most strongly that we made the right decision to have you construct our new home.

"It's been almost one year since we first met with you to discuss building a new home.  We were drawn to you because we had greatly admired the homes that you built and we heard nothing but good things concerning your integrity and the quality of your finished product.  Having now been in our home for a few weeks, we feel most strongly that we made the right decision to have you construct our home.

From the day construction began in early October until the time that we occupied the home in the beginning of May, we had a most pleasurable experience as we were able to visit the job site almost every day to see the house as it progressed through the building process.  We were able to observe the high quality of work performed by all of your employees.  Not only were they good workers but they were also nice people who willingly answered our questions and explained things to us.  You'll be happy to note that they also think very highly of you; they had only positive comments to make about you and your company.

We can't say enough about Dawn, your office and their attention to detail, knowledge of the products, efficiency and general great attitude.  We also know that Dan worked hard behind the scenes to insure that not just our job but all of the jobs were running smoothly.

Presently, we are still unpacking boxes but anytime you're free and in the area, please stop in to see us.  In addition, if you ever need to show clients things in our house that might be of interest, please don't hesitate to suggest they call us.

Again, thanks for building us such a great home."

Steve & Pam Brotschul

Brant Beach, NJ